Awesome! Great seeing you at Gamehole, Mike, and we're HOPING we see Paul next year! GREAT con! Thanks so much for the kind words and mention of The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure! We did make an amazing $5,000 at Gamehole, and we'll have our online event on December 9th, Ethermeet! A DAY full of gaming and we'll be going into the wee hours of the morning (7 AM CST Saturday until 4 AM CST Sunday - West Coast Cash! :) ), so the UK folks can catch some sessions if they wish! If interested, please check out https://crawlforthecure.net. Thank you for the shout out, much appreciated!

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Nov 2·edited Nov 2

It's great to hear what you've both been up to and some of your future plans and projects too between episodes. I bet the conversion with Luke Gygax and the AD&D game with the Cthulhu guys was really interesting! All the best with your push-ups Paul! Yes, best to break it down into more manageable blocks.

Can you also put a link to your push-up challenge sponsorship page so we can make a donation?

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